Vitamin & Nutrient IV

Our team at Genesis Medical Center is extremely proud to offer vitamin and nutrient infusion therapy. Though it is a relatively new treatment, vitamin and nutrient infusion therapy has helped many people live healthier lives. From minor pain relief to pain relief for chronic conditions,a vitamin and nutrient infusion is safe, effective, and versatile.

Vitamin And Nutrient Infusion Therapy Has Been
Used To Treat Ailments Such As:

◎    Alzheimer’s And Dementia

◎    Ulcerative Colitis

◎    Fibromyalgia

◎    Asthma

◎    Depression

◎    Toxicity Syndrome

◎    Lupus

◎    Adrenal Issues

◎    Headaches

◎    Hypertension

◎    Constipation

◎    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

◎    Crohn’s Disease

◎    Immune Disorders

◎    Autoimmune Disorders

This innovative treatment allows you to relax and enjoy a calming, yet revitalizing vitamin “cocktail” and enjoy long-lasting results. We handcraft the vitamins to your unique needs and are committed to giving your body exactly what it needs.

Vitamin And Nutrient Infusion Therapy Offers A Wide Array Of Benefits, Including:

◎    More Energy

◎    Reduced Stress

◎    Improved Hydration

◎    Better Regulated Immune System

◎    Healthier Skin

◎    Lower Risk Of Headaches

◎    Improved Overall Mood

◎    Decreased Asthma Symptoms

◎    Shortened Recovery Time, Better Performance,         And Improved Endurance

◎    Relief From Allergies, The Flu, And Colds

If you want to know more about vitamin and nutrient infusion therapy, or if you would like to set up an appointment, call us today. Our courteous and knowledgeable team would be more than happy to speak with you.

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