Umrah 2020

UMRAH 2020

April 1-10, 2020


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Four Days In Both..

Regular Package


► Flight► Umrah Visa► Hotel in Makkah► Hotel in Madinah► Tour of Ziyarats in Makkah*► Tour of Ziyarats in Madinah► Speakers (Pashto/Dari/English)► Onsite Doctor► Onsite Therapist

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► Phone: 424-226-6797

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VIP Package


► All Regular Package Perks

► Free IV-Vitamin Before Trip (worth $300)► Free Ihram► Free Box of Dates► 1 Free Cultural Dinner► Free Rawdah Prayer Rug► Unlimited Snacks► Adjustments can be made to rooms based on occupancy

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► Phone: 424-226-6797

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Eng. Massoud Massimo

Religious Lecturer lambaf

Lamba Aziz-Hanifzai

Religious Lecturer ustad

Ustad Fazl Chani Mogaddedi

Religious Lecturer yamalded

Dr Yama Mosadiq

Medical Doctor wali

Wali Abdul Hanifazi

Religious Lecturer
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