Massage Therapy


Having been around for thousands of years, the ancient practice of massage therapy has proven, time and time again, to be extremely physically beneficial. Nowadays, it has become a mainstay in modern medicine for pain relief, rehabilitation, and more. Throughout the years, it has become a more precise and well-practiced form of therapeutic medicine and we are glad to be able to use it to help our patients.

Benefits Of Regular Massage Therapy
Sessions Include:

◎   Anxiety Relief

◎  Improved Cardiovascular Health

◎   Better Posture

◎  Decreased Soreness


◎  Boosted Immunity

◎   Pain Relief

◎  Lower Blood Pressure

◎   An Overall Better Mood

◎  Better Sleep

◎  Increased Circulation

◎  Improved Bowel Function

At Genesis Medical Center, we are proud to offer some of California’s best massage therapy services. As experienced massage therapists, we take every possible measure to ensure that we are treating your unique issues. Because we want to be here for you, no matter what type of massage you require, we offer a wide range of massage services.

We Offer The Following Types Of Massage:

◎  Swedish

◎  Deep Tissue

◎  Pregnancy

◎  Aromatherapy

◎  Shiatsu

◎  Reflexology

◎  Hot Stone

◎  Thai

◎  Reflexology

Reach out to our friendly and experienced team today to find out more about our massage therapy services or schedule an appointment using the form to the right.

At Genesis Medical Center, it is our goal to offer some of the most innovative medical treatments and cosmetic procedures. From stem cell therapy to massage therapy, we work tirelessly to ensure that our array of services addresses as many common health and wellness issues as possible.

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