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Do You Offer This Treatment To Everyone Who Wishes To Try Stem Cell Therapy?

No, unfortunately we cannot. A Patient may have a co-existing situation which would preclude the use of Stem Cell Therapy – and it would be a wasted effort.
We cannot promise any type of results or outcome, so therefore we only accept those Patients we truly believe have the potential for a positive outcome with the condition that they are requesting treatment for. If we accept a Patient as a Candidate – we specifically want them to be successful, as their positive outcome is a victory for us as well. There is a significant amount of effort involved in the treatment process on behalf of the Patient and the Physician. If the situation is destined to fail, we won’t accept the Patient for Treatment

Are Any Patients Automatically Excluded?

  • Patients that are not in remission and have an active Cancer cannot be treated with Stem Cell Therapy for another condition.
  • If a woman is Pregnant or Breast feeding, she is not a Candidate for treatment.
  • In specific situations – possibly the severely ill Patient cannot be treated based upon their Medications and their other therapies.
  • Patients who are actively smoking (any type of inhaled smoke) are not Candidates for treatment.

Who Decides Who Is Eligible?

  • Our Physician and Scientists consider each case on its individual merits – and carefully consider Candidates for treatment.

What Are The Costs?

  • Our goal is to provide those that we treat with an affordable treatment option, considerably less expensive than all of the programs outside of the US, and generally more affordable than any of the private Stem Cell Therapy programs within the US.

    If we consult with a Candidate, and decide that they are indeed someone that we would like to try and Treat their individual situation, the cost of the initial consultation will be applied directly to their treatment costs.

    We have been asked if we can ‘Bill Insurance’ for Stem Cell Therapy – and there is no current coverage for Stem Cell Therapy under existing insurance programs, or under Medicare / Medicaid. Therefore to Bill the insurance for treatment would be considered fraudulent, and we cannot/will not do this.

Is This FDA Approved?

  • No – there are no FDA Approved Treatment utilizing Stem Cell Therapy in the US.

Can I Have Some Assistance With Finding Local Hotel/Accommodations If I Have To Travel?

  • On our web page, we have listed nicer, affordable accommodations close to our location. If you need specifically a different situation – please contact us, and we will try to help you with this.

How Long Do My Treatments Take?

  • Appointments for Treatment are generally scheduled in 1-3 hour blocks. This will be discussed with you at your Appointment.



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