Temporarily paralyzing facial muscles, it stops wrinkles in their tracks, assists with chronic headaches, and is helpful in a wide variety of other situations. Non-invasive, Botox® is an extremely popular and commonly used cosmetic and medical technique.

Offering A Wide Array Of Benefits, Botox® Is

◎    Highly Effective

◎    Quick And Extremely Efficient

◎    Less Invasive And More Comfortable Than Other Cosmetic Procedures

◎    Free Of Long-Lasting Side Effects

◎    Very Versatile, Able To Be Used For Both Cosmetic And Medical Purposes

◎   A Shorter Recovery Time

◎   Lower Risk Of Side Effects

With so many uses, it has become one of our most popular and often-requested services.

Botox Treats The Following Cosmetic And Medical Ailments:

◎    Wrinkles And Fine Lines

◎    Acne

◎    Facial Sagging

◎    Hooked And Sagging Noses

◎    Harsh Jawlines And Chins

◎    Ill-Defined Jowls

◎    Small Or Thin Lips

◎    Crepey Necks

◎    Rapidly Aging Decolletage

◎    Migraines

◎    Excessive Sweating

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